Crypt of Cthulhu

We're back!  Yes, Bob Price & Necronomicon Press have teamed up once again ...

And No, you're not imagining things ... every issue of Crypt of Cthulhu is now available either in print, or a PDF file format right here from our site!  This is a great way to fill those holes in your collection, or get a copy of an article that's been eluding you for years.

The Lovecraft Movement has recently mutated into a frightful caricature of itself. One thinks of the insidious influence of the alien Colour on the Nahum Gardner farmstead. It is part of the destructive (and highly annoying) politicization of everything today. If, like me, the Hierophant of the Horde, you are pretty sick of this strife, what say we set aside our politics for the nonce and just get back to the glory days of Lovecraft fandom and scholarship? And the best way to do that would of course be to revive Crypt of Cthulhu! So we did! We have hit the ground running, offering great articles, poetry, and reviews by Will Murray, Don Burleson, S.T. Joshi, Scott Connors, Sam Gafford, Ann K. Schwaeder and others. And this is just the beginning! So come on in and join in the gibbering!

We are serious about Lovecraft, so our discussions of Lovecraft's life and work are serious, too. We set and meet high scholarly standards in our articles about HPL, his friends and colleagues, and their fiction. Their work is both fascinating to the mind and fun for the imagination. Thus our work strives to be both, too. Have we succeeded? I think so. And a special section of fantastic verse ought to prove how classy we are!