Tales of Lovecraftian Horror 9

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Robert M. Price, editor: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror 9, Cryptic Publications, $4.50.
Contains the following tales: 'The Statement of Adrian Steiger' by Edward O'Brien; 'For No Eyes' by Michael Cisco; 'The Withered Hand' by Stephen D. Johnson; 'The Mask' by Gary Myers; 'The Kiss of Corruption' by W. H. Pugmire; 'The Care and Feeding of Piranhas' by R. G. Capella; 'Arkham' by Todd H. C. Fischer; 'Azathoth in Analysis' by Peter Cannon; as well as 'Lustcraft', an editorial by Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire; a cartoon by Paul Montelone; and poems by Ann K. Schwader, Michael Fantina, and Darrell Schweitzer.