Studies in Weird Fiction 26

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S. T. Joshi, ed.: Studies in Weird Fiction 26, cover art by Robert H. Knox, $5.00 Throughout the years, SWF has developed a stellar reputation for it's in-depth look at weird fiction authors and their work. The tradition continues with this new issue, only as Necronomicon Press can do it. 'Algernon Blackwood and the Celtic Twilight' by Mike Ashley, 'Disability as a Survival Mechanism in the Works of Shirley Jackson' by Marilyn Boyer, 'L. P. Hartley: The Refined Ghost' by S. T. Joshi, 'Lord Dunsany Divulges' by Hassoldt Davis, and reviews by S. T. Joshi of Thomas Ligotti's My Work Is Not Yet Done, Sherry Austin's Mariah of the Spirits and Other Southern Ghost Stories, and Andrew Caldecott's Not Exactly Ghosts.