Squires, Richard: Stern fathers 'neath the mould

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Richard D. Squires: Stern fathers 'neath the mould: The Lovecraft Family in Rochester (ISBN 0-940884-70-4), $7.95 Now, for the first time, we see what the Lovecrafts of Rochester really were like. Starting with Joseph Lovecraft (HPL's great-grandfather), who came to Rochester from England, we find the fascinating history of a family which encountered its fair share of prosperity, as well as its fair share of tragedy. And, it was perhaps these tragedies which contributed to the 'famous' Lovecraft also having been the 'last' Lovecraft. Filled with rare, and previously unpublished photos of Lovecraft's ancestors, this volume is a treat not only for the H. P. Lovecraft fan, but anyone interested in American history. Includes genealogical charts of the various Lovecraft family members covered in the book.