Robert M. Price: The Selma Horror and Others

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Robert M. Price: The Selma Horror and Others. Trade paperback with a color cover and interior art by Robert H. Knox.

You know all about the dark deeds of witchcraft in haunted Salem, Massachusetts, but what of the fortuitously similarly spelled Selma, North Carolina? Most likely, the biggest horror lurking in that tiny town is resident Robert M. Price. He is a notorious trouble-maker, and many of those troubles are literary in nature, as witness the stories collected in The Selma Horror and Others from Necronomicon Press! Eerily illustrated by visionary Robert H. Knox, the stories include “The Selma Horror” (obviously), “Lizzie Borden Road,” “Invasion of the Pickle People,” “Corn Hole,” “The Hell-Bound School Bus,” “The Flavour Out of Space,” and “The Return of Blackula.” Let’s hope the author’s neighbors have a sense of humor!

Table of Contents:


The Selma Horror

Lizzie Borden Road

Invasion of the Pickle People

The Hell-Bound School Bus

Corn Hole

The Return of Blackula

The Flavour Out of Space