Stotler, William: The Final Diary Entry of Kees Huijgens

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William R. Stotler: The Final Diary Entry of Kees Huijgens, Necronomicon Press Fiction, $4.95

“Vilmos knew that through architecture man’s visions would be broadened, for as it was now, he explained, man’s body and soul had become chained by a dreary existence in ‘rooms with holes for light and air’. I asked to know how he had come to this conclusion, to these designs, and he smiled, eyes afire, and said I would learn soon enough.”

So begins the education of a student in the radical theories advanced by an architect who has looked beyond the physical aspects of architecture into a deeper — and darker — dimension. In this construct of metaphysical terrors, William R. Stotler portrays a visionary who strives to break free of the limitations that fetter the imagination, and who learns too late that they are the very boundaries that define and protect the identity. A cautionary tale of unusual power and even more unusual subject matter, The Final Diary Entry of Kees Huijgens shows how those who probe too deeply into the unknown become the architects of their own misfortune.


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