Midnight Shambler 3

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Robert M. Price, ed.: Midnight Shambler 3
Starting off with an introductory essay, “Lemurian Lucubration”, by editor Robert M. Price, Midnight Shambler jumps into some serious Mythos fiction featuring: “Mlan-Mar” by Donald R. Burleson, “XA SHAO” by Steven G. Mitchell, “The Pit” by Ramsey Campbell, “Onward Cthulhuvian Sojourners” by Mollie L. Burleson, “Ye Olde Lemurian” by David Barker, “Ancient One” by Chad Hensley, “The Gatekeeper” by Ann K. Schwader, “Phantasy” by Frederick Stansfield, “The Crawling Kingdom” by Rod Heather, and “The People of the Secret” by M. Cisco.