Parts 14

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Robert M. Price, editor: Parts 14, cover art by Richard Corben, $4.50. In his never-ending quest at reviving (or should that be reanimating?) popular, tho' defunct, 'zines, Bob Price has taken over the helm of the ever-popular Parts, first edited and published by Friday Jones. Originally intended as a Reanimator/Jeffrey Coombs tribute, Parts now concentrates on Lovecraft in the media. Our first issue (number 14 overall) features the following articles: 'Cormanghast: The Poe Films of Roger Corman' by Robert M. Price, 'The Autopsy: Die, Monster, Die!' by Fred Blosser, 'Whither Heavy Metal?' by Kirk Ott, and 'My Debt to H. P. Lovecraft' by Robert Anton Wilson. Also to be featured in each issue are fictional contributions to the 'Herbert West Mythos', including this time around: 'Herbert West Reincarnated: Part 1, Colluding Cosmoses' by Rod Heather, and 'White Membrane' by N. R. Bharathae. With a lineup like that, how can you go wrong?