Midnight Shambler 4

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Robert M. Price, ed.: Midnight Shambler 4 Starting off with an introductory essay, 'Ye Olde Lemurian', by associate editor David Barker, Midnight Shambler jumps into some serious Mythos fiction featuring: 'Moon-Fear' by Ann K. Schwader, 'Conglomerate' by Jeffrey Thomas, 'In the Lake at Garlock's Bend' by David Kaufman, 'Herbert East--Reincarnator' by Paul Montelone, 'Ye Olde Lemurian' by David Barker, 'For a Rainy Day' by Charles Garofalo, 'Rudely Interrupted' by Darrell Schweitzer, 'In Fomalhaut' by Richard L. Tierney, 'Lord of Lizards' by James Ambuehl, 'Ballad of Seaney Beane' by David Kaufman, 'Citadel Darkness Geniture' by Chad Hensley, and 'Amorphous Grace' by John Newt.