Lovecraft Studies 40

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S. T. Joshi, ed.: Lovecraft Studies 40, cover art by Jason Eckhardt, $5.00
Once again we embark on a look at Lovecraft and his work from a number of unique, and thought-provoking perspectives. Issue number 40 features: 'Some Aspects of Narration in Lovecraft' by Dan Clore; ''The Strange High House in the Mist': Glowing Eyes and Prohibition of the Impossible' by Nicholaus Clements; 'The Subway and the Shoggoth (part II)' by Robert H. Waugh; 'Some Notes on 'The Rats in the Walls'' by John Kipling Hitz; and 'This is the Way the World Ends: Modernish in 'The Hollow Men' and Fungi from Yuggoth' by David A. Oakes.