Lovecraft Studies 34

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S. T. Joshi, ed.: Lovecraft Studies 34, $5.00
Features: "On At the Mountains of Madness: A Panel Discussion" by Peter Cannon, Jason C. Eckhardt, Steven J. Mariconda, and Hubert Van Calenbergh (from the 1995 NecronomiCon convention); "Overdetermination and Enigma in Alhazred's Cryptic Couplet" by Dan Clore; "'The Outsider,' the Terminal Climax, and Other Conclusions" by Robert H. Waugh; "A Textual Oddity in 'The Quest of Iranon'" by Donald R. Burleson; "The Vanity of Existence in 'The Shadow out of Time'" by Paul Montelone; and "Lovecraft in Brooklyn", a recently discovered memoir of Lovecraft by one of his oldest friends, Rheinhart Kleiner. Cover art by Jason C. Eckhardt.