Full Color Facsimile of H. P. Lovecraft Astronomy Hand-Drawn Pamphlet from 1904!

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Necronomicon Press is proud to present a facsimile reproduction of a recently discovered astronomy pamphlet hand-written and drawn by H. P. Lovecraft in 1904.

With a new afterword by S. T. Joshi

Limited to 250 numbered copies.

H. P. Lovecraft’s interest in astronomy is well documented, especially by himself. And yet, very few of the actual materials embodying this interest have been made available to the general public. We are well aware that his interest was initially kindled in late 1902, when he was twelve years old, by the rather old and outdated astronomy textbooks left behind by his maternal grandmother.

But Lovecraft’s devotion to astronomy was expressed in literary work far earlier than 1906. In the summer of 1903, he began issuing a journal, The Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy, and continued it for almost four years, with two additional issues appearing in early 1909. In all, a total of 69 issues survive.

Almost none of these items have been published, and in some cases their publication will be quite difficult. In some issues of the Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy, Lovecraft attempted to use coloured inks, with the result that these issues are now virtually illegible. So the present publication may be one of the few glimpses we get of this early phase of Lovecraft’s lifelong interest in the heavens.

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