Eldritch Tales #5 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press!

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Eldritch Tales Vol. 2, No. 5 (Color covers, interior artwork by Allen Koszowski)

Welcome, fellow fan-addicts, to a double-sized issue of Eldritch Tales! What an avalanche of horror! Don’t step out of the way! We are pursuing our agenda of including veteran fanzine and semi-pro zine writers, such as Pierre Comtois, the late, great Michael Fantina, Ken Faig, and your accurately humble editor. Two of our stories are foul parasites upon very famous screen entertainments, as you will see (if you read this first, that is!). Let’s hope certain copyright owners are not in a litigious mood!  Steffan B. Aletti’s stories have appeared way too seldom and sparsely, starting in Doc Lowndes’s Magazine of Horror. They are always gourmet’s delights, informed as they are by a wide range of erudition and talents. You will be amazed at his skill in making a vast amount of technical detail serve as the fuel for a tale of Serling-esque eeriness, this issue’s “Stereopticon’! Rickard Berghorn’s ‘To Sleep” presupposes his “The Necronomicon in Sweden,” which you’ll find in the new issue of Crypt of Cthulhu. You better buy both! Is there any current horror anthology or magazine that does not feature a story by the prolific Glynn Owen Barras? Well, this issue of Eldritch Tales is no exception! But there’s more! More by Zoe Butler and William Rasmusson! They put the “eldritch” in Eldritch Tales!


All this in special “Jumbo-Double-Sized-Perfect-Bound” issue!


Table of Contents:

”The Eldritch Lair” by Robert M. Price

“The House of the Bookworm” by Glynn Owen Barrass..............

“Pets” by Pierre Comtois

“The Case of the Outre Ogam Stone” ............ by Michael Fantina

“To Sleep” by Rickard Berghorn

“Gregory House: Reanimator” by Robert M. Price


“Stereopticon” by Steffan Aletti

“The Madness in the Ice” by Zoe Butler

“Poems” by Randall D. Larson