Eldritch Tales #3 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press!

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Welcome to what masquerades as a pulp pastiche but is really a strong horror fiction anthology with a menu of solid contributions: stories by Steffan B. Aletti, Sam Gafford, Larry Brasington, Glynn Owen Barrass, Donald R. Burleson, and David B. Harrington, as well as verse by Henry J. Vester III, Chad Hensley, Frank Coffman, and M. M. Stigeweard. Art by Allen Koszowski! Pleasure? Yes! Guilty? No!"

This is a special “Jumbo-Issue”, 40% more fiction and poetry …

Eldritch Tales, volume 2, number 3


The Eldritch Lair by the Editor

The Glade by the Lake by Steffan Aletti

Tunnel Vision by Sam Gafford

The Blood Moon Cult by Larry Brasington

Elvira by Glynn Owen Barrass

The Mummy’s Transit by Donald R. Burleson

Apparatus Hill by David B. Harrington

The Gravedigger by David B. Harrington


Terror at Twilight by Frank Coffman

Deliverance by Henry J. Vester III

Ancient One by Chad Hensley

Writing an Essay on the Cemetery of the Capuchins by M. M. Stigeweard