Eldritch Tales #1 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press!

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Eldritch Tales Vol. 2, No. 1 (Artwork by Allen Koszowski)

Welcome to the Herbert-Western revival of Eldritch Tales, the wonderful magazine founded and edited for 31 great issues by Crispin Burnham! This issue continues in the perverse and mind-blasting course set by our glorious founder! Thrill and/or chill to the horrific hijinks and Mythos mayhem of stories like Don Burleson’s “The Thing in the Silo,” Lew Cabos and E.P. Berglund’s “Call up the Fiend,” Sam Gafford’s “Chrysalis,” Frank Coffman’s “Foregone Conclusion,” Chad Hensley’s “Embrace of the Tendriled Sea,” and Darrell Z. Grizzle’s “We Ride on the Wind.” And just to make things classy, we’ve included some fine supernaturalist verse!

Table of Contents

“The Eldritch Lair” by Robert M. Price
“The Thing in the Silo” by Donald R. Burleson
“Call Up the Fiend” by Edward P. Berglund and Lew Cabos
“Chrysalis” by Sam Gafford
“We Ride On the Wind” by Darrell Z. Grizzle
“Foregone Conclusion” by Frank Coffman
“Embrace of the Tendriled Sea” by Chad Hensley
“Big Island Sunset” by Chad Hensley
“Jack (a Gwawdodyn Sonnet)” by Frank Coffman
“The vampire witch boy” by Chad Hensley