Crypt of Cthulhu 113

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Crypt of Cthulhu 113 (Lammas 2019)
Edited by Robert M. Price. Trade paperback with color cover art by Robert M. Price with Robert H. Knox.

Many times one rejoices to hear that some old favorite TV series or magazine, long gone, is returning. But then one is disappointed when the “revival” turns out to be exploiting the venerable name/title, seeking merely to appropriate a reputation it has not earned. My favorite excuse is, “This is Loathsome Tales as it would be if it started today.” Look, if the product is not what the familiar label implies, why not call it something else? It’s the old bait and switch. Titles like The Twilight Zone and Weird Tales denote distinct idioms of fantastic fiction, but when the “new versions” offer something else, I just go back and enjoy the real thing instead of the pretender.

Well, the title Crypt of Cthulhu means exactly what it has always meant. This very issue proves that. You’ll find within it a new tale by Gary Myers, reviews of new books by Ramsey Campbell and James Wade, a new article about Clark Ashton Smith and another about August Derleth and Weird Tales, and more by Cryptic stalwarts like Darrell Schweitzer and Peter Cannon. Yes, it’s a shadow out of time!

All this in a special “Jumbo-Double-Sized-Perfect-Bound” issue!

Table of Contents:

Disturbing and Disquieting Editorial Shards by Robert M. Price

The Voyage of King Hellabolis by Gary Myers

Clark Ashton Smith of Marsby Will Murray

The Pelton Mythosby Timothy Burall

The Last Horror Out of Arkham by Darrell Schweitzer

First and Final Estimates: August Derleth Looks at Weird Tales by John D. Haefele

Riding with CTHULHU by Timothy Burall

“Memory” Re-memberedby Donald R. Burleson

A Heritage of Hubris: Sources for “The Doom That Came to Sarnath” by William Fulwiler

Atmosphere and the Qualitative Analysis of “The Colour Out of Space” by Steven J. Mariconda

Cryptic Interview: Peter Cannonby Darrell Schweitzer

Aquaman in Innsmouth by Jason C. Eckhardt

The Promised Awakening by Frank Coffman

“Cosmic Decadent” & Other Poems by Frederick J. Mayer

R’lyeh Reviews

Mail Call of Cthulhu