Crypt of Cthulhu 112 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press!

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Crypt of Cthulhu 112 (Candlemas 2019)
Edited by Robert M. Price. Cover Art by Sam Gafford.

Lovecraft’ readers have always puzzled over how much of the lore in HPL’s tales is factual. Where does fact end and fiction begin? Or better: where does fiction end and fact begin?  Is there any factual basis at all? Rickard Berghorn’s “The Necronomicon in Sweden” gives us a new case to solve. Good luck! (And you’ll find a companion story in the new issue of Eldritch Tales!)

But there are also stories that are remarkable enough that they don’t require buttressing with fiction. Veteran weird fiction scholar Ken Faig tells such a tale about one of Robert E. Howard’s neighbors, like him, a writer, “The Other Writer from Cross Plains.” If you’re a Howard fan, it’s always interesting to learn more about his immediate world, less glamorous than the Hyborian Age, true, but intriguing nonetheless.

William Fulwiler is one of those Lovecraft delvers who still manages to dig up neglected information about the Old Gent’s inspirations. He does it again in this issue’s “A Heritage of Hubris: Sources for ‘The Doom that Came to Sarnath.’” HPL’s creative ingenuity is as evident in what he did with prior works as it is in his original inventions!

Timothy Burall’s “The Pelton Mythos” explores the lore set forth in The Sussex Manuscript by avid fan Fred Pelton’s attempt at a Necronomicon. This material once almost became “canonical” when Pelton submitted his manuscript to August Derleth, who finally decided against publishing it. Lucky for us, huh?

Darrell Schweitzer, fantasiste, anthologist, poet, and hymn-writer, interviews W. Paul Ganley, founding editor of Weirdbook. He is rightly esteemed a titan in the field.

Gary Myers’s new tale, in a definitely Klarkashtonian vein, is “The Door Through the Fire.” It is a bittersweet privilege for Crypt of Cthulhu to present these final tales by a brilliant and beloved Lovecraftian writer!


All this in a special “Jumbo-Double-Sized-Perfect-Bound” issue!


Table of Contents:

Disturbing and Disquieting Editorial Shards by Robert M. Price

The Door Through the Fire by Gary Myers

On Dunsany’s “Probable Adventures of the Three Literary Men” by Donald R. Burleson

Necronomicon in Sweden by Rickard Berghom

The Other Writer From Cross Plains by Ken Faig, Jr

Quatermass and the Abyss: Lovecraftian Elements in Television’s Premier Event by Marc Cerasini

Theology and Philosophy in “The Dunwich Horror” by William Fulwiler

Derleth’s Notes Toward a Biography by John D. Haefele

Cryptic Interview: W. Paul Ganley by Darrell Schweitzer

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