Campbell, Ramsey: Far Away & Never

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The fantasy tales of Ramsey Campbell . . .

Ramsey Campbell: Far Away & Never, a Necronomicon Press Trade Paperback, x, 116 pages, 5 1/2x8 1/2', $7.95

Ramsey Campbell, best known for his many works of horror and dark suspense, now invites the reader to yet another milieu, Far Away & Never, his uncollected fantasy stories. Through these eight tales of heroic fantasy--four of which feature the inexhaustible swordsman Ryre--the reader is taken on a ride through different times and unlike worlds, all filled with the fantastic creatures and thrilling action one would expect to come from Campbell's imagination while writing in this realm. Anyone who has read Campbell's completions of Robert E. Howard?s Solomon Kane stories recognise that he is very capable in this genre, and this collectiononly lends further evidence to his case.
Also included in the volume is Campbell's unpublished 3700-word contribution to the round-robin novel, Genseric's Fifth-Born Son, which, while primarily a work of heroic fantasy, also borrows heavily from the 'Cthulhu Mythos', and features the 'Hounds of Tindalos' in a prominent role.
Most of these stories have been unavailable for nearly 20 years, since their original writing and publication, and Necronomicon Press is thrilled to be able to bring them back into print, together in one volume for the very first time.
All told, there's many a treat for the reader here--be they a fan of Ramsey Campbell or heroic fantasy in general--in these works which exhibit the best of both worlds.