Brian Stableford: The Innsmouth Heritage

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Brian Stableford: The Innsmouth Heritage. Illustrated by Jason Eckhardt. Published: March 1992 Through his novels The Empire of Fear (1988), The Werewolves of London (1990), and The Angel of Pain (1991), and the stories in Sexual Chemistry: Sardonic Tales of the Genetic Revolution (1991), Brian Stableford has explored that gray area of human understanding where science and superstition collide. The Innsmouth Heritage continues this line of investigation, extending the concepts of H. P. Lovecraft's supernatural horror fiction into the brave new world of contemporary scientific rationalism. Set in Lovecraft's fictional milieu, The Innsmouth Heritage draws on the last half-century of technological progress to offer a scientifically reasoned explanation of the events chronicled in 'The Shadow over Innsmouth'. At the same time it reminds us that science and myth are both system Import s human beings use to udnerstand their world, and that neither can totally replace the other.